About the Journal

Journal of E-learning and Instructional Technologies (JEIT) is an online international, multi-disciplinary, open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal that aims to promote technology-based learning. It includes online teaching and learning, ubiquitous learning, blended learning, and all forms of digital learning. It also includes all those technologies which are used for educating people in face to face and/or distance education. It offers opportunities to scholars and practitioners to share their innovative research findings, theoretical and conceptual development, scholarly discussions which have practical implications in the field of Educational Technology.

The Journal of e-learning and Instructional Technologies (JEIT) accepts original articles on creative and innovative ways to explore the recent developments in e learning and. It covers all forms of computer aided instructions and new technologies that could be used for teaching and learning.  The journal encourages research in the new technologies (Hardware and software) for educational purposes. The JEIT welcomes original articles, review articles, case studies, and book reviews in the field of educational technology and e-Learning; utilizing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method techniques. The JEIT publishes bi-annually. The research scope/areas include, but are not limited to: -

  • Information and communication technologies for education
  • Innovation in teaching and learning
  • Learning Environment
  • Educational policies and practices, and research for technology
  • Educational Assessment through technology
  • On line teaching and learning
  • LMS
  • Ubiquitous learning

    Peer Review Process:

    • Journal of e-Learning and Instructional Technologies (JEIT) will accept original manuscripts in the field of e-Learning and instructional technologies.
    • Initially, the editor will assess the submitted manuscript for match / mismatch with the scope of the journal, quality of content, formatting of the paper. Only manuscripts that meet the JEIT criteria will be accepted.
    • Before the referees' review, the editor may consult the experts where necessary.
    • After the editor's decision, the manuscript will be forwarded to two reviewers (national or international) experts in their fields. The reviewer will assess the paper on the novelty of the idea, relevance, and quality of the manuscript. If both the reviewers differ on their opinion regarding the submitted manuscript based on the given criteria, the manuscript will be referred to the third reviewer.
    • The decision regarding the acceptance of the paper will be based on the reviewers' feedback.
    • The decision of accepting/rejecting the manuscript rests with the Journal Editor.


    Open Access Policy

    The Journal of e-Learning and Instructional Technologies (JEIT) is an open-access journal published bi-annually. The accepted manuscripts are readily available on the JEIT website for all readers to read, download, print, copy, distribute, search, or link to the full texts of its articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose. The journal offers open access to all the published content for serving the greater cause and ease of exchanging/spreading knowledge to the masses. Reproduction and distribution of any published material require acknowledgment of the author and proper citation.